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"M-a posedat intenţia de a împrumuta vorbelor însuşiri materiale, aşa încât unele să miroasă, unele să supere pupila prin scânteiere, altele să fie pipăibile, dure. Toată viaţa am avut un ideal, dar neavând instalaţiile necesare, am ales materialul vagabond al cuvintelor date."

luni, 10 august 2009


They held each other and kissed, and push each others' darkness into the Corner, believing in each others' light, each others' dream. Requiem for a dream

A man, his girlfriend, his best friend, and his mother, deal with drug addictions in their own way. Each character, however, ends up worse than they started off. It's hard to convey my feeling after watching these peoples worlds come flooding down on them. Awful. Lonelyness, drugs, love, dreams, Darren Aronofsky. Actualy, I had this movie for 3 months, but I wasn't interested, i didn't know what's talking about.i recommend it:) Well, it's interesting for people in this days. Too much energy; Wake up!